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Late Harvest Album Review

Omega Directory

Omega Directory, September 2003

Musical Soundscapes Music reviews by Rev. Robert Walmsley

Ever had a profound spiritual awakening from hearing a song? I’ve had several, but a Serah song was the channel that delivered one of the most meaningful ones for me, placing her music in a very special “heart” category. Her singing is angelic, and her style is instantly recognizable. She is to Africa what Enya is to Ireland, incorporating cultural elements into her completely individual vocal style in a way that lifts the heart with its inspirational messages while the beautiful way it is delivered touches the soul.

In Late Harvest , Serah refines her unique sound even further as she delivers lyrics that call to loving hearts around the world to awaken to their true nature. This release also gives listeners new covers of several favorites, among which I was delighted to find [Ben E. King’s] “Stand By Me,” Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love” and Christopher Cross’s “Sailing.” A seamless blend of Western and African musical elements, heart touching lyrics and beautifully uplifting vocals, Serah’s Late Harvest brought tears to my eyes and easily receives my highest recommendation to all.



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