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Late Harvest Album Review


Reviewed by Angela Hutchinson
September 2003

It is a privilege for me to review music that encourages the soul. Music can instantly transport us beyond space and time, into a state of just Being. I truly admire someone who can accomplish this feat. Serah is a true artist in terms of vocal ability and songwriting. Her nine original compositions are spiritually powerful and soothing. Inclusive of all beliefs and cultures, her music takes you beyond your own backyard and journeys you into the world of all.

Her songwriting seems to come from a place of experiencing life in many forms, from urban to rural, Africa to France. “I can say what I feel best in song lyrics. I like to use imagery and metaphors so that there are layers of meaning for anyone who wants to do a little thinking or dig a bit deeper,” affirms Serah. She has found an appreciation for nature and the people that inhabit Our planet. This appreciation is represented by her “quest to illuminate mankind’s higher nature.”

Late Harvest is Serah’s 7th album. The title comes from the belief that “sometimes the late harvest, or one of the later seasons in one’s life, turns out to be the sweetest and most meaningful”. Included among the originals, are 4 classic tunes that Serah breathes new and unique life into. She has an original voice and an original style that once heard, is recognized instantly.

Noteworthy to Late Harvest is the impressive list of musicians and producers that have assisted in the birthing of this project. I felt very soothed and relaxed when listening to each note and beat. I smiled when hearing the familiar classics bringing me back to my own youth.

The Visual beauty and passion are breathtaking in the packaging of this CD. I knew just by looking at the cover art initially, this would be an experience and not just time spent. This CD will always be within grasp.



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