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Take Flight with the Musical Inspirations of Serah

Bay Area Business Woman, 11/2000

An acclaimed composer and singer, Serah crosses musical borders to create a genre unique in itself. Her broad experience and gift for musical alchemy produces a sound which is calming, eclectic, refreshing, and unique all in one. Her clear, soft vocals are a perfect complement to her thought-provoking lyrics that enthrall and charm all of her listeners. Working with Grammy Award-winning producer Neil Dorfsman (Sting, Dire Straits, Bruce Hornsby), Serah breaks through the boundaries of Pop and World music, defying single-format classifications.

Serah's experiences while living in East Africa - the struggles, glory, inspirations and music of the African people - helped seed her distinct style. Following her African sojourn, she moved to Alsace, France, and composed Flight of the Stork, transforming her African impressions to music, and concepts to lyrics. Heralded in 1991 in Europe as Record of the Year, and recognized for its poetic message of world peace, Flight of the Stork was chosen by the Hunger Project to be presented to Mikhail Gorbachev. With this success behind her, Serah released a new album - Out of the Wind in 1994. Another set of songs that were alternately described as "enchanting" and "blessedly tranquil".

Serah's musical talents came out at a very early age. She was singing before she talked, learned guitar from an old cowboy at age ten, and performed at parties and social events as a young teenager. Raised in the Midwest, she moved to the East Coast at 15 years old and quickly developed as a musician. Her first professional appearance was at the acclaimed Main Point in Philadelphia, which lead to national touring as a solo artist and collaboration with several other musicians.

Serah released her fourth album, Senegal Moon in 1999. Her soft clear vocals and thought-provoking lyrics are accentuated by acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion, and keyboards, as well as African ad-lib vocals.

A magical blend of infectious melodies and African rhythms, Wing of Mercy, Serah's latest release, takes the listener on a soul-searching journey. Together with her multicultural band, Serah's inspirational lyrics captivate the imagination with healing energy and love of the world we live in.



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